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How To Improve Home Ventilation This Summer

We can evidently witness that there is a difference in temperature when compared to last month. Gradually winter is stepping out, and summer is just a few months away. Even though summer is the time of the year when enjoy by taking summer vacations and involve ourselves with a lot of activities, there is one huge issue that we need to deal with on a daily basis. It is the unbearable heat that we experience during the summers.

It is a known fact that most of the houses are air-conditioned and it definitely makes summers better. But nothing can be compared with the natural way of cooling. For any home or building that need to be cooled in a natural way, the first thing that you need to do is to make the natural air come inside by ventilating it properly. In this article, we will discuss how to improve home ventilation.

Give importance to bathroom ventilation

Let us accept the fact that there is absolutely no ventilation in our bathrooms. There are a few who have a small window which is also not for ventilation purposes. It is mainly because we do not want the smell to stay in the bathrooms. Giving proper ventilation to the bathrooms is very much important. It is because you need to remove the humid air that is present inside and get it outside.


Kitchen ventilation

Generally, the kitchen ventilation is designed in such a way to get rid of the smoke that is created during the cooking processes. If you are asking the question, does it serve the purpose? Yes, it sure doe. But if the question was, is it enough? Then the answer is no. It is because just getting the smoke away from the house is not enough; you should make sure that heat that is generated must also go out. Hence it is important that your kitchens are properly ventilated by using powerful fans.

Dryer ventilation

Dryers really do a great job in removing the water from the clothes. But you need to understand the fact that during the process the dryers release a lot of heat.  If there is no proper ventilation, then there will be a gradual temperature increase, and at times it might affect the performance of the dryer. Make sure that your dryer functions properly and give more importance to the exterior exhaust vents and clean if there are any blocks.

Install whole house ventilation

If you are not satisfied with spot ventilation, then it is better to go for a whole house ventilator. These whole house ventilators take it the stale air and release the fresh air that would suit the requirements of the house. The latest whole house ventilators have energy recovery features that are designed and manufactured in such a way that they optimize the consumption of energy. Now no one has to worry about breathing stale air during summers.

Ways to Slash Your Air Conditioning Costs

Air conditioning is a great way to improve air quality inside the room and keep the temperature at comfortable levels. It is a great gift of technology, one that ensures that you don’t have to float in a pool of sweat during summers or stay curled up under layers of insulation in winters. However, air conditioning can seem to blow a hole in your pockets at times, and thus, there comes a need to look for ways by which you can reduce the cost of air conditioning without having to compromise your comfort. Reducing air conditioning costs isn’t a herculean task, and you’ll be surprised to know that there are more than one ways which will ensure that you do not have to spend much on air conditioning.

Do not forget your good old fan

Sure you have an air conditioner, but why ignore the existence of the fan that served you for so many years! Consider switching back to the services of your fan whenever you can. There could be days when air conditioning is not required at all and regulating the speed of your fan could do the trick. This is an excellent way of cutting down the costs of air conditioning.

Consider opting for natural ventilation

Remember when air conditioning would be regarded as a luxury and humankind would depend on nature for cold air? There might be high levels of toxin and pollutants in the atmosphere these days, but the benefits of natural air can never be refuted. Use air conditioners only when it is required. Keep your windows and doors opened whenever you can and allow the fresh cool breeze to sweep you off your feet. That and your fan can act as a great combination to provide relief to you on warm and humid days.


Shades and shutters

Shades, curtains, and screens have more utility than we give them credit for. Besides lending privacy to your life and warding off prying neighbours, shades, curtains, and shutters lend insulation to your room too. It keeps heat trapped inside the room in winters and provides warmth, and also prevents heat from entering the room during summers.  They are therefore instrumental in regulating temperatures according to the needs of the season.

Get plants for your home

Believe it or not but plants have cooling mechanisms. They purify the air and see to it that the temperature inside your home is at optimal levels. Besides, they are also good on eyes and aesthetically appealing. So take your pick from the nearest nursery and add some aesthetic value to your house, while slashing air conditioning costs as well.

Go for roof insulation

Insulating the roof helps reflect away heat from the surface in summers and also prevents heat from escaping in winters. Consider getting your roof insulated to cut down on the consumption of air conditioner.

Set your thermostat at a high temperature

Bumping the temperature of the thermostat contributes a whole lot to cut down air conditioning costs. Consider setting it to a higher temperature when you are away and at night to save up on your air conditioning bills.

Keep your air conditioner at a good condition

This is an old trick that applies to all the electronic appliances. Keep your air conditioner in good health by changing the filters and wiping off the dust that settles on it. Also, go for regular servicing of your air conditioner. As devices get older, they start wearing out and take up more than the usual amount of electricity.

Consider replacing your air conditioner

If it comes to that, consider replacing your old air conditioner for a new one. New devices run on less electricity and save up maximum energy. This could, therefore, help in reducing the cost of air conditioning.

Keep windows and doors shut while using your air conditioner

Keeping windows and doors open while the air conditioner is turned on will not only fail at regulating the temperature in your house but also take up more electricity to run and thus, lead to higher air conditioning costs.

Turn off lights when not required

Turning the lights when not needed not just reduces electricity bills but also keeps the temperature in the room at lower levels. This makes it easy on air conditioners and thus, much energy will not be expended, and costs will be slashed.

Do not use heating devices while your air conditioner is on

Using heating devices increases the room temperature and thus, results in the air conditioner to use up more energy to regulate the temperature. Avoid using heating devices while your air conditioning is on to save up.

Set your air conditioning temperature according to the temperature outside

Many would perhaps not be aware of this but keeping the temperature of the air conditioner set in accordance to the temperature out reduces air conditioning bills. Do not keep your air conditioner set lower than 8-degree Celsius  to the temperature outside.

Hang out in the lowermost floors of your apartment or house if possible

Basements and the lower levels of apartments or houses are comparatively cooler than the upper floors in summer. Hang out in the cool places in summers and vice versa in winters.

Go for dehumidifying techniques

Dehumidify your house to regulate humidity inside your home. This can be accompanied by installing smaller air conditioners which will thus, reduce the cost of air conditioning.